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We are an ad hoc group of grassroots activists/volunteers who have been integral to previous successful campaigns, both locally and nationally. We are using our grassroots experience in order to complete our mission of facilitating the highest quality materials at the lowest possible prices. Our mission also includes helping grassroots volunteers locate the best resources for various materials and to provide a clearinghouse for grassroots information. We regard our mission as a ministry - for the very survival of our constitutionally established republic is dependent upon getting Ron Paul in the Oval Office. Some Republicans call it a revolution.

Grassroots is what's going to deliver victory, because the action is on the street, not in the media. The grassroots is Ron Paul's media. In the 1980's Ron Paul was a national officer in Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). In the early 1960's that organization was developed around the campaigns of Barry Goldwater. And the organization really took off when it was able to fill Madison Square Garden for its inaugural event. Now, Dr Paul's Campaign for Liberty has a chance to really set sail in a big way. We need to fill the Target Center in Minneapolis to show the political establishment that this movement is here to stay. Ron Paul President

Ron Paul Stickers is part of the Ron Paul Grassroots Network. We can be reached at 512-553-0979. Email: clyde2 @ (put email together without spaces.

 Store Policies
All items are neither approved nor authorized by any candidate or campaign committee.

We sell novelty items for the disenfranchised. The items we offer are for amusement and entertainment purposes only and are not intended for political purposes, however we have no control over the use of these items by the end users. Please be responsible in your actions.

Prices subject to change at any time without prior notice.

We accept credit cards and e-checks through Paypal, or Paypal credit. Alternatively US Postal Service Money Orders (only) are accepted.

No refunds once items are shipped unless the claim involves defective product, in which case the decision to replace the item(s) or refund the funds shall be at the sole discretion of

We generally ship within one or two business days unless an item is backordered, however please allow up to 5-7 business days for shipping.

PRIVACY POLICY: We respect your privacy. Any personal information you share with us is held in the strictest confidence and is not shared, given, traded, sold, etc. to any third party.


"Our meetup group ordered some bumper stickers from you a few months ago, and they are great!!! Thanks for producing affordable, quality stuff for Ron Paul supporters."
- Jaime

"Just wanted to let you know that I have received EVERYTHING that I ordered from you. Thank you!"
- Mike M, Organizer

"Bless you. My yards signs still look fantastic after months of sun and rain."
- Holly C.

"Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!!!!!!"
- Amy

"Thank you very much for including this item with the buttons I purchased. That was very kind of you. ~Liberty~Freedom~Peace~"
- Barbara

"I really appreciate your prompt response. I look forward to ordering from you again."
- Jason B.

"Thank you for what you're doing."
- Michael P.

"Not only were the items shipped promptly, they are of the highest quality I have seen. And, because the pricing is around half of other sources, it enables us to distribute twice as many - getting Dr. Paul's name out there more swiftly."
- Jeffery G., Organizer

"Great group to deal with and the best prices I've found so far!"
- Joe S.

"Thank you for providing such wonderful products for helping us patriots get the message of FREEDOM out! The Ron Paul Revolution. I have never been so excited about a political candidate before, and am proud to be a part of such a grass roots effort - thanks for the support! "
- Brian W., concerned American

"You are providing a tremendous service for the cause. Thanks for that!!" John McCAin is a liberal on gay marriage John McCain Marriage Amendment

- Challis M., Organizer

"Perfect signs at the best prices, see my videos (furnitureguy67 on youtube)."
- Paul B., Organizer

"Thanks for your help!"
- Debbie W.

"Thank you so much for helping our country learn of this great man........he's our only hope for a future worth living :) "
- Kathie C.

"Thanks also for your effort in getting these materials to supporters at reasonable prices. We do appreciate it!"
- Michael B.

"Thank you. Keep up the good work."
- Glen C.

"Thanks for your support of Ron Paul."
- Phil S.

"Thanks for low prices."
- Marisa K.

"Thank you for the great products and great prices for Ron Paul campaign materials. I ordered about $500 worth of stuff from you and everything arrived quite quickly and in good shape. Thank you very much for assisting all of us fighting for a return to liberty and the Constitution."
- Victor Z.

"I didn't believe that the stickers would peel off so easy which was the only reason I didn't put one on my car. These stickers are of very high quality, perhaps you should highlight the clean peel off so people like me won't be afraid of ruining our cars. Thank You!!"
- Gabriel A.

"Thank you so much for providing Ron Paul gear at great prices!! You are providing a great service to Ron Paul and his supporters!"
- Melissa W.

"Thanks for your help!"
- Robert L.

"I received the signs today! Very fast with delivery."
- Cory R.

Ron Paul Stickers is part of the Ron Paul Grassroots Network.
For other yard sign needs bumper stickers or hand fans, visit or Ten Commandments online , politcal signs

Ron Paul to announce his committee for President in April 2012.

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