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While most Republicans are likely to consider Rep. Ron Paul of Texas a mere pest, his devoted followers could be a problem for Sen. John McCain in November.

Paul, the GOP congressman with the squeaky voice but with a following of vocal supporters, will not go away. He's suspended his presidential campaign but his crusade goes on.

Paul got into the presidential race with no chance of winning. But his opposition to the war in Iraq, his isolationist foreign policy, and his leave-us-alone views on the domestic front won him faithful supporters during the debates earlier this year.

Based on those performances, the Paul campaign raised millions of dollars, especially on the Internet. As of the end of April, he had pulled in $35 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks these things. It was one of the surprises in this campaign with many twists and turns.

Earlier, Paul's website reports a rally next month in Washington. It is called a rally for "freedom, peace, and prosperity."

Paul's unique mix of views, which included privatizing social security, allowing states to legalize medicinal marijuana, opposition to abortion rights, enhanced border security and opposition to environmental regulation attracted a rabid following of supporters to his campaign. Their activity online - one popular conservative blog banned pro-Paul comments after being inundated with them - and their campaign donations delivered Paul from obscurity to the top tier of Republican candidates. He raised $17.75 million in the last quarter of 2007 - the most money of any Republican.

Council of Chalcedon

At this council held in 451 AD, leaders affirmed the basics principles that we believe. A creed was written. Today, many associate Chalcedon with conservative values. Chalcedon

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Covenant We are going to fight to restore the Republic, to limit the government to its constitutional functions, to reclaim a foreign policy that defends America, and to put a stop to the centrally planned economy that results from the Federal Reserve System.

Chuck Baldwin, the conservative alternative for President, Constitution. While Obama is a clear obomination. , McCain has a record of pushing the liberal record. As Ann Coulter says, McCain will leave the Republican Party in shambles. The next 2 Congressional elections are likely to have major loses to the GOP. If Obama were President, people would wake up and get fired up, They will go to sleep under Republican President McCain. Christian School Resources

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The organizing success led to strong finishes in many primaries, particularly among younger voters. In Iowa, for instance, he attracted just 10 percent of the vote overall, but took 21 percent of the vote among caucus goers younger than 30. Ron Paul President

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