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Rally for the Republic Update August 26th, 2008 Posted in Announcement, General, Ron Paul When Ron Paul announced the Campaign for Liberty, he and his staff set a goal of 100,000 members by September 2nd - well, that date is nearing and though 87,000+ have signed up as members, that is still a bit short. We encourage all readers who are Ron Paul supporters to take less than 1 minute and sign up to help Dr. Paul beat his goal.

Steve Dore playing at Clubhouse Jäger after the Ron Paul Nation Celebration Last week‚ we released the official schedule for the Monday night‚ Sept. 1st Ron Paul Nation Celebration. Dr. Paul’s appearance there will cap off the Celebration‚ but for those interested in keeping the evening going‚ we wanted to remind you that musician Steve Dore‚ a long-time Ron Paul supporter who has put all of his creative efforts into the liberty movement‚ will be playing at Clubhouse Jäger (run by a Ron Paul supporter) from 11pm-2am. Internet Bumper Stickers The owner of Clubhouse Jäger has extended an open invitation to Ron Paul supporters to come by and meet and mingle during the Aug. 31-Sept. 2nd events. You can check out their website (as well as get directions) here.

The Golden Rule
Covenant We are going to fight to restore the Republic, to limit the government to its constitutional functions, to reclaim a foreign policy that defends America, and to put a stop to the centrally planned economy that results from the Federal Reserve System.
This Rally for the Republic is our key first step to taking America back. We will have three solid days in Minnesota where we plan to set the agenda, and get the attention our cause has earned.

Have No Fear!

Ron Paul President

Challis received the signs today! Very fast with delivery."
- Cory R.

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People who opt to exhibit their individuality through these decals often take part in more acts of road rage. Colorado State University social psychologist, William found that aggressive driving is linked to the number of markers a person has on his/her car, regardless of the messages portrayed. He says this idea is linked to the idea of territoriality. The more individualized the car, the more the person tends to think of public roads as his/her own. corrugated plastic signs , - Keyes

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