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Ron Paul Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers


Ron Paul Bumper Stickers
President 2012

Highest quality vinyl, brilliant color silk-screened, easily removable stickers. REGULAR SIZE BUMPER STICKERS

Ron Paul for President Bumper Stickers 2012

Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

Ron Paul for President 2012 are 3 x 11.5 Inches. The cheapest prices on the internet. Get them out there and send Obama a Message.

Pricing of bumper stickers

5 for $4.99
10 for $7.99
25 for $14.99
50 for $24.99
100 for $39.99
500 for $120.00
Prices include free shipping. These are bulk priced to get them out there. We have the cheapest prices Ron Paul bumper stickers on the Internet. Note that most places want you to pay $4.99 for 1 one bumper sticker, we give you 5 and a lot more in bigger volume.
Contact us about larger bulk quantities. We are the high volume low price printer. If you had a 2008 Ron Paul bumper sticker, chances are it was one of the 400,000 that we made then. As of now we have made over 100,000 bumper stickers, and working on the next 100,000.

Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

A free bumper sticker with each Ron Paul yard sign that you request, see details below on yard sign info.

If questions about your order, call 931-935-2123 Or send email to: MMayers01 (Join email together.)

Grassroots is what's going to deliver victory, because the action is on the street, not in the media. The grassroots is Ron Paul's media.

Ron Paul Revolution Bumper Stickers

Ron Paul Revolution

The Ron Paul Revolution Bumper Stickers are 3.75 x 11.5 Inches. Priced to move them in volume and get them out there.

Pricing of bumper stickers

5 for $4.99
10 for $7.99
25 for $14.99
50 for $24.99
100 for $39.99
500 for $120.00
Prices include shipping.

If questions about your order, call 931-935-2123 Or send email to: MMayers01 (Join email together.)

Ron Paul Yard Signs

Ron Paul 


Signs 12 x 24 inches

Ron Paul President 2012 yard signs are here.
Every day we are shipping 100s of signs and stickers.

Large Signs 2 feet x 4 feet are now available. See info at bottom of this page.

The cheap Ron Paul Pole Signs (below) are also available now. At a cheap price of .29 cents each, they are high volume.

Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

On all orders of our popular 12x24 Ron Paul Yard Signs, for each yard sign purchased, we will include in your order, a free bumper sticker. If you buy 5 signs, you get 5 bumper stickers. If you buy 100 yard signs, you get 100 free bumper stickers. Help us get the word out. The highways in your local area were cluttered with Ron Paul yard signs and stickers in 2008, do your share and lets do it again. Send them a Message.

Signs Only:

Qty Cost Shipping
5 15 18
12 30 31
25 49 37
50 75 39
100 139 49
200 270 85

Signs and Wire Stands:

Qty Cost Shipping
5 19 21
12 37 33
25 79 37
50 109 49
100 199 79
200 385 155

Ron Paul Pole Signs - SOLD OUT

Ron Paul 

Pole Signs

Signs 5.6 x 30 inches

The Ron Paul Pole Signs are available right now. IN 2008, we made over 100,000 of these.

Ron Paul President 2012 pole signs for .29 cents are here now.
Per above, Can get 100 signs for $29.00 or .29 cents each, plus shipping. Every meetup group can afford that. If every meetup group gets at least 100 of these signs, that will be message for a hundred thousand to see. A 100 well placed signs can be seen by 100,000 people. Therefore 500 packages of 100 signs is 50,000 signs, which can therefore provide strong name ID to 50 million people.
Is that an achieve able goal? Yes, we made twice that many in 2008.

The cheap quality sign. These pole signs are made from durable cardboard, with a plastic coating of polycoat. Commonly called Milk Carton Signs, as they are like the material like the milk carton in your refrigerator. They will withstand rain and show. Durable, lasting for at least 12 months. Simple attach these signs to a tree, pole, or anything close to the road. Can be clearly seen from 40 yards away, and are bigger than the 2008 version. Can also staple 2 of them back to back on a standard wire stand.


Signs SOLD OUT, Do Not Order

Qty Cost Shipping
50 17 13
100 29 16
200 54 25
300 78 35
Ron Paul Best Sellers
Best sellers by volume, Bumper Stickers, Bumper Magnets, Yard Signs.
and bumper stickers.
Get the message out, paint the town with Ron Paul yard signs.

Shipping costs are included in listed prices. No extra costs are added at checkout.

Ron Paul Lapel Stickers
Perfect for showing your support and dominating an event

Ron Paul 2012 Lapel Stickers.
25 - $3.99
50 - $6.99
100 - $12.99
500 - $29.00
Car Magnets
12" x 18" - Put them on you car door! Become Moving Bill Board

Ron Paul For President Magnets
2 Magnets - $29.00
6 magnets - $69.00
10 Magnets - $105.00
24 Magnets - $199.00
50 Magnets - $360.00
100 Magnets - $560.00
Magnetic Bumper Stickers
Highest quality car magnetic bumper stickers. 3x9 inches. Prices include shipping.

Get the word out.

Ron Paul 2012 Car Magnetic Bumper Stickers
2 - $7.99
5 - $11.99
10 - $16.99
20 - $26.99
40 - $38.99
100 - $89.99
Pinback Buttons
Highest quality 2" pinback buttons
5 - $3.99
10 - $6.99
50 - $28.99
100 - $49.99
200 - $93.00
500 - $230.00

Ron Paul Stickers is part of the Ron Paul Grassroots Network.
For other yard signs, internet bumper stickers, and hand fan needs, visit or Internet Bumper Stickers Hand fans add class to an election campaign. lawn signs . For the best in hand fans and other advertising needs for conservative candidates visit: - - Cheap Magnetic Bumper Sticker

Advertise the Ron Paul Revolution with yard signs and bumper stickers. Has your town been painted with Ron Paul Yard signs?

Join a Local Ron Paul For President Meet Up Group

Get in involved, join one of 700 local Ron Paul Meet Up Groups - Near You

Congressman Ron Paul has something the other candidates envy, which is a profound amount of grassroots support. Right now there are nearly 700 local meetup groups, with around 85,000 members, this fact alone is very impressive and gives him creditability as a major contender. At his peak in 2008, he had double those numbers in meetup groups. Visit a local nearby meetup one right now;
RON PAUL MEET UP GROUPS Click Here - Ron Paul President - MEETUP

End the Fed Rally

In front of every Federal Reserve Bank in the nation, all 38 banks, there will be a End the Fed protest rally on Oct 10, 2011. Come to one near you. For more info see. Low Cost, High Volume

End the Fed Federal Reserve Rally
More info about the Federal Reserve and the fundamental problems it creates for our economy:
Ron Paul Federal Reserve Quotes

Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers - - Blow Out Special

For the cheapest Ron Paul t-shirts on the internet visit below. Click here for Ron Paul T-shirts Ron Paul T-shirts
T-shirts for as low as $1.99

Large Ron Paul Yard Signs 2x4

Ron Paul 


Large Sign Size 2 Feet x 4 Feet are also now available NOW.

Large Ron Paul Yard Signs

Large Ron Paul Signs 2 Feet X 4 Feet

Size 2 feet x 4 feet is the largest sign we can print that can be shipped by UPS. Cost of a 2x4 sign is $6.00 each, plus some shipping. Please contact us, as have not gotten info on web site. Minimum order of 2 x 4 foot signs is quantity of 5. Send email of your request to: MMayers01 (Join email together.) Or call at 931-935-2110.

These Signs are printed on one side. Easy to put up. Can easily nail to one big tree, or to two small trees. Also can be mounted by wooden or steel stakes. This large sign has a powerful effect as it can be seen from a large distance. This large sign can also be easily sent by UPS or Fed Ex. Shipping costs are included for shipments going to the continental United States. Contact us for outside locations. Contact us for larger bulk pricing.WE HAVE THESE ON HAND RIGHT NOW.
For a picture, the same picture and art work are the same as for the 12x24 yard sign.

For Pricing 2 x 4 Signs - Including Free Shipping:

Qty - Cost
5 - $59
10 - $89
20 - $149
30 - $214
60 - $399
100 - $639

Place an order for your 2x4 Signs Now:
Large Ron Paul Signs

For Sign or product info, call 931-935-2110. Call to let us know if you have bulk needs.

We can print and ship signs in bulk, and do so for much cheaper costs than you can buy them at a local sign shop. We are big volume and low cost printer. We lead the charge in the battle.
Contact us for larger sign sizes in bulk. For example, can print 50 signs 4x8 for about $16 to $20 each, with shipping total cost should be less than $25 per sign for most of the US.

Ron Paul Flyers and Leaflets

For the cheapest Ron Paul flyers, and brochures, on the internet visit
Ron Paul Brochure

Political Yard Signs

Have your political yard signs your local political candidate cheaply made at: Custom Yard Signs Cheap

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Four major candidates for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate will be joined by two Democrats vying for their partyís nomination for job in Houston tonight. It looks to be their last televised forum before the May 29 primary. On the GOP, thatís Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, former Texas solicitor general Ted Cruz, former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert and former ESPN football analyst Craig James. On the Democratic side, itís former state Rep. Paul Sadler and Sean Hubbard, of Dallas. Christian conservatives are choosing between Glen Addison and neo con Ted Cruz. Texas candidates for Senate and Congress race
Call it the Sarah Palin bounce: Hours after the 2008 vice presidential nominee endorsed Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for U.S. senator from Texas, on Thursday morning, the staff at Cruz's headquarters in Austin reported a swift and positive reaction. Nick Dyer, the Central Texas/Youth Director for Cruz Senate tweeted: Campaign manager John Drogin confirmed by email to Yahoo News that Palin's endorsement "has added HUGE buzz to our campaign." "Phones are ringing, online contributions are pouring in, and supporters are more excited than ever on our social networks," Drogin wrote, adding that he's seen a "flood" of Texas candidate donations for senate and congress but has yet to tally them. Texas pro life Christian candidates for Senate and Congress
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Ron Paul Revolution
Magnetic Bumper Blanks
Transform your bumper sticker to a bumper magnet. Apply your bumper sticker to a blank bumper magnet. Thick .034 magnet will stick to your car, and easily attached or removed.
Ron Paul 2012 Car 
Magnetic Bumper Stickers

* 3 inches by 11.5 inches
2 - $7.99
5 - $10.99
10 - $16.99
20 - $26.99
40 - $38.99
100 - $89.99

Magnetic Bumper Stickers

* 3.75 inches by 11.5 inches
2 - $7.99
5 - $11.99
10 - $17.99
20 - $27.99
40 - $39.99
100 - $90.99